About Fashol Dotcom

Building a Revolutionizing Fresh Produce Supply Chain.

Fashol Dotcom is changing the way vegetables and fruits get to the retailers. We aim to bring transparency to the fresh produce supply chain. We source fresh produce directly from farmers and deliver to retailers efficiently with the help of technology and data.

The Problem

Our Solution

Building Transparency

Connecting farmers and retailers directly to establish an end to end supply chain. Demolishing the typical middleman operating system. Ensuring a decent behavioural shifting from farmers to retailers Making a cost effective supply chain to reduce complexity, money and time

Meet the team

Sakib Hossain

Founder, CEO & Managing Director

Mamun ur Rashid

Co-Founder and Chief Operation Officer

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What we got

Why We Exist ?

Fashol.com exists to find the solution of all these questions and execute them to put safe food on 160 million people plate. Because we all deserve better food!

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