Why We Exist ?

The revolution which created civilization is the invention of agriculture. From the very beginning of creation, mankind has satisfied their unbearable hunger from nature. They fulfilled their needs by hunting & collecting fruits from jungles. It was almost ten thousand years back when agriculture was born and man learned to cultivate & produce their own food.

This invention allowed us to stay in one location. As a result, the nomadic tribes got an address, became closer, and the society was created. The modern trade, culture, cities & everything came from agriculture. Now a days, we have all of these but we lost the main point – food, the safe, secured & healthy food, for which we fought first in the long ago.

Now it is hard to find chemical free crops & fruits in any city of the world. Our child are growing up with unhygienic & unsafe food for their health. Without food there is no creature which can live, and so the one & only reason behind our all works & effort is food. But now, the most important thing turns into the most dangerous thing for humankind.

Food Safety Situation in Bangladesh

Food Safety:

Food safety is a major issue for consumer. Food safety includes preparation, handling and storage of food in a safer ways that prevent food borne illness. There are some routines which needs to follow to keep the food safe. The food supply chain should be maintained carefully to ensure the safety.

Food Safety in Bangladesh: Where We Are?

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world which are exposed to unsafe food hazards. Although statistics are hard to get in Bangladesh, it is estimated that millions suffer from food related illness each year, many of which are not reported. Only deaths due to food poisoning are covered in the media.

Food adulteration, Harmful preservatives used for food preservation, Inadequate quality control, Artificial ripening using formidable chemicals and methods, Unhealthy manufacturing process, Low quality ingredients, Unhealthy and dirty food markets, Unhealthy food preparation in restaurants are common food safety concerns in Bangladesh. Now a days, mixture of poisonous chemicals (say, sodium cyclamate, formalin, fertilizer, harmful colors etc.) with food and eatables has become a cause of common concern. These deleterious substances cause serious injury to human health. Adulteration is occurring in Bangladesh with almost all types of foods.

Potential Food Risks in Bangladesh:

  • A wide range of food borne diseases (endemic, hyper endemic, epidemic, pandemic) is encountered in Bangladesh.
  • Metals, such as lead and mercury, cause neurological damage in infants and children.

Can Every Bangladeshi Eat Safe Food?

As a country with a growing population, experts believe that Bangladesh is at high risk of food insecurity. Due to urbanization, people are moving from village to cities rapidly. The cities are turning busier day by day. In this situation, no one cares about safety of the food they are taking. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is one of the top populated & busier city in the world. The other cities are also at a risk of over population. But there are no transparent food supply chain which can provide safe food for these people. Traditional system is unable to maintain proper safety & hygiene while transporting food. The system of food producing, transporting, processing, preparing every steps are disrupting food safety. So, almost all of the citizen can’t afford safe food because of unavailability. Villagers & farmers who are the main food producer, can afford safe food sometimes. But it is confirmed that most of the people of Bangladesh can’t eat safe food, can’t get it.

How Is It Possible To Ensure Safe Food?

We believe the answers to below questions would make safe food possible —

  • How to double the income of farmers producing safe food?
  • How to improve access to farm capital?
  • How to reduce Safe food farming cost and improve efficiency?
  • How to make sophisticated technologies affordable for marginal farmers?
  • How to improve the certainty of income and reduce the risk of loss for farmers?
  • How to ensure today’s kids participate in farming tomorrow?
  • How to build a fastest, reliable and low-cost supply chain to move the safer tomato from farm to consumer?
  • How to differentiate safe food among others and market it right?
  • How to build consumer trust on safe food?
  • How to rethink Agriculture for Bangladesh?
  • How to feed safe food for billion People?
Fashol.com exists to find the solution of all these questions and execute them to put safe food on 160 million people plate. Because we all deserve better food!

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Why We Exist ?

Fashol.com exists to find the solution of all these questions and execute them to put safe food on 160 million people plate. Because we all deserve better food!

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