Upcoming Revolution For Safe Food

Why we need safe food?

The rapid development of human civilization since the beginning of the twenty-first century has undoubtedly made our lives easier. But along with this rapid development we have faced social and moral degradation. Extensive development has benefited us, but it also poses a number of threats. These threats cannot be summed up in a few words, but one of the biggest threats of all is the food risk, which is slowly engulfing our civilization and emerging as a serious nightmare for future generations. Food is the first & foremost means of survival. It directly affects our health and survival. So, safe food is a must for us. In this age of adulterated and unsafe food, it’s hard to keep yourself safe. But we are destroying safe food sources by ourselves. Now a days, safe food is not a demand, it is a necessity. And a new revolution is going to born from this necessity which will be known worldwide as the revolution for safe food.


How it could be achieve?

We all need to be aware to ensure safe food for all. Awareness, cooperation and special policies from policy makers are required to maintain the safety of any food at every step from production to consumption. Producers need to be more trained & aware, transporter, supplier & all people in the supply chain need to be in a strict rule with proper training & maintaining Moreover, all of the manufacturer, Distributor & seller of food item also needs to ensure the safety of food. A complete safe, secure, organized & well maintained cycle or supply chain can only prevent food from being unhealthy & unsafe. But the main question raises from here – who will bell the cat?

Who will do this?

In this modern age, it is not so easy to swim against the stream. It is hard to build a new ecosystem facing difficulties from every steps by breaking the conventional. So, none can do this by his own, neither any organization. It can be done with the cooperation of all people from all class. But there must be someone to lead the revolution from the front. Here comes the name Fashol.com, the first and only agritech startup from Bangladesh which works to produce & provide safe food from field to door. We are bringing transparency in the food supply chain of Bangladesh. The goal we focus is to ensure the safety of food with a strong network of human resource, farmers & sellers. A complete management system is working to make it happen. Moreover, Fashol.com reducing the production & supplying cost also. The revolution for safe food soon turns into a people’s revolution. Because food is needed to survive, but if the food is unsafe, we can’t survive in this world. And we are here to fight for food safety.

The revolution : which will allow us to live

The revolution for safe food is not an idea, it’s a realty. In every new day we are facing more & more issues, difficulties, diseases, epidemic, pandemic etc. and we are losing unidentified numbers of lives. Most of them are the result of our unawareness about food safety. But people are being aware day by day. They are realizing what they eat everyday with their money. The day is not so far when all of us will realize that issue & stand for safe food. Soon we will face the day when food safety will become a matter of life and death to us. And the revolution will bring us back from death and give us a new life in the new era. We all need to be aware as soon as possible about the safety of our food. If we do not pay much attention, our next generation will suffer the consequence. The ultimate revolution for safe food is waiting for us, let’s revitalize the world together!

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What we got

Why We Exist ?

Fashol.com exists to find the solution of all these questions and execute them to put safe food on 160 million people plate. Because we all deserve better food!

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